KVM Cable 6FT Video Male to Male

6 FT Combination Cable of Super VGA + PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
This cable is Designed for use on Switch Boxes with HDDB15 Female ports.
3-in-1 Universal Hi-Res KVM Cables are quality generic cables designed to work with KVM switches from many leading manufacturers.
The 3-in-1 design, plus PC99 color-coded connectors makes cable easy to connect and install.
The VGA cable is built from premium coaxial cables and as always has PCCABLES.COM NO Shadow Guarantee.
  • PC-99 color coded connectors for plug and play installation
  • Flexible, rugged PVC unibody jacket for safety and durability
  • Built-In EMI/FRI protection
  • Seperate Line Sheilding for Red-Green-Blue
  • Secondary Foil and Braided shielding
    Compatible with:
  • LinkExcel 2-Way 4-Way
  • Cybex SwitchView
  • Raritan's SwitchMan
  • Belkin OmniView Pro 4pt
  • APEX Outlook (except 1160ES/2160ES)
  • CompuCable PowerReach KVM
  • BlackBox ServSwitch Duo, ServSwitch Elite, and ServSwitch Wizard
  • Cables To Go Port Authority
  • NTI KEEMUX model series
  • All KVM switch capable of using standard PS/2 console connections with HD15 female ports
    DSUB High Density 15 pin Male PS/2 Mini Din 6 Male PS/2 Mini Din 6 Male
    DSUB High Density 15 pin Male PS/2 Mini Din 6 Male PS/2 Mini Din 6 Male
  • Part # PCC-00657
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