MicroUSB USB MicroB Cable 15FT

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MicroUSB USB MicroB Cable 15FT
Brand New Very Small USB Connector Connector to be used almost all new devices.
The Connector Looks alot like what we called the FLAT-8 but is larger.
This is sure to cause a great deal of confusion between the two.
As the USB Founders have come to call it MICRO-B we will also.
So for Standards from them we have.
MINI-B the 5 Wire Connector.
MICRO-B Looks like 8-Wire Connector but the connector is wider.
Additional information can be found here.
USB Type-A Male Connector
USB Type-A Male Connector
USB Micro-B Connector(Drawing Copyright PCCABLES.COM INC)
USB Micro-B Male Connector
Additional Lengths.
1 Foot = Part 80516
3 Feet = Part 80518
6 Feet = Part 80517
10 Feet = Part 80519
15 Feet = Part 80520


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