USB to RJ45 Cable Cisco Router Console

Part No71011
Price 1-9 $18.50
Price 10-99 $17.50
Price 100+ $17.25
UPC Code820799710115
USB to RJ45 Cable Cisco Router Console
USB to RJ45 to Program Routers Etcs.
Full support for Windows, MAC and Linux.
Microsoft (HCL) certified to be compatible with Windows, no CD needed because the drivers are part of the OS distribution.
Supports hardware flow control used to implement the CISCO break sequence.
FTDI FT232R chip + RS232 Level Shifter.
RJ-45 DTE Pinouts RTS(1), DTR(2), TXD (3), GND(4), GND(5), RXD (6), DSR(7), CTS(8)

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